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Our Practice

Located next to the Verdugo Hills hospital, the office of Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is centrally placed for your convenience. His helpful, friendly staff are well trained and able to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the practice. While Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants primarily performs his surgeries in the Verdugo Hills Hospital, he also performs surgeries at the Glendale Adventist Hospital and surgical centers in Beverly Hills and Encino. All facilities are fully accredited and have state of the art medical equipment.

Our Staff


Pharm. D, Patient Consultant

Marina S

Administrative Assistant / Patient Consultant


Administrative Assistant / Patient Consultant


Medical Aesthetician. Marina performs facial treatments, skin care, acne treatment, and brow shaping.


Administrative Assistant / Consultant


Administrative Assistant / Consultant


Administrative Assistant / Patient Consultant.

Post Surgical Recovery Assistance

You would need to have someone to take you home / your hotel after surgery. The hospital will not release you to a taxi alone. If you are coming alone, you can use services provided by


Accredited Nursing Program will arrange an assistant to take you to your hotel after surgery and spend some time with you. They charge $33.00 per hour, any overtime charges that may be applicable, and mileage. 

You can reach them at (626) 573-1234 x310 or (626) 261-9486.  You can also email James Field, Client Care Manager, at oPaula Dominguez, Staffing Coordinator, at

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We are standing by and ready to help. We like to make ourselves as accessible as possible to our patients, able to handle any questions or concerns that may arise.

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