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Buttock Augmentation

A healthy butt is an asset, greatly contributing to a fit, toned appearance of one’s body. For this reason, buttock augmentation has become a popular procedure, giving patients an opportunity to flaunt their backsides and feel comfortable wearing any number of revealing garments.

Buttock augmentation is done using fat transfer. Fat is harvested from sections of the body that don’t require it, and it is then treated and injected into the buttocks. This procedure is more precise than it sounds, since the precision of fat injection accounts for the exact shape the buttocks assume following surgery. Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is beyond familiar with the necessary procedure and placement, giving you an opportunity to receive one of the best buttock augmentation procedures Los Angeles has available.

It should be noted that not all fat that is injected will remain in place. About 20-40% of it will be dissolved by the body. Any fat that is present after 3 months will remain in place permanently. At the office of Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants, it is important to know that your surgeon is well aware of this ratio and will account for it in your procedure. His purpose is results, and rest assured that with Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants, you will get just that.

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