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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal allows you to permanently destroy hair in unwanted places of your body. This procedure has become one of the most commonly performed techniques in the United States, due to its lasting effects. A number of different lasers exist that remove hair to varying degrees, providing different amounts of patient discomfort.

Laser type

At the office of Dr. Grigoyants, we use a Candela GentleLASE. This laser is one of the most effective lasers for permanent hair removal, relieving you of the hassle involved with constant shaving. We have personally tested other lasers and have found that GentleLASE treatments were extremely effective with the lease amount of discomfort.


Laser hair removal only destroys those hair follicles that are in a state of active growth. While some follicles are actively forming hair, others are dormant but still alive. Because of this, it takes several treatments to destroy most hair follicles, and touchup treatments may be required to ensure all hair is gone for good.

Having tested other lasers, we concluded that treatments with GentleLASE give patients the least discomfort. It includes an integrated cryogen cooling spray to allow for virtually pain-free treatments in most areas, depending upon the sensitivity of the treatment area. In addition, topical numbing creams are available to provide even less discomfort for more sensitive portions of your skin.

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