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Upper Arm Lift

With the exception of the chill of winter, in which most people are bundled in bulky jackets that hide every contour of their anatomy, the quality of having toned arms is highly desirous and can provide the appearance of youth and fitness. Patients who have undergone excessive weight loss may have gathered unneeded skin in the upper arms, contributing to their unsightly and baggy appearance.

An upper arm lift can be performed to move excessive skin in this area, handling skin that remains stretched and loose following weight loss. Aside from the undesirable appearance of loose skin, patients with excessive skin in the upper arms complain of an inability to find well-fitting clothes that flatter their overall shape.

During an upper arm lift, otherwise known as brachioplasty, excessive skin in the upper arms of removed, improving the shape of the arms. In patients who also have fat that contributes to a disproportionate appearance, liposuction may be performed concurrently to correct any dissatisfaction with the shape and size of one’s arms.

While the arms provide function to everyday living, their appearance is also important. Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants has performed innumerable upper arm lifts, giving him a versatility and knowledge with regard to any situation at hand. Should you desire a change in the shape of your upper arms, the office of Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants can provide one of the best upper arm lifts Los Angeles has to offer.

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