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Breast Lift

Over time, gravity causes breast tissue and skin to stretch, creating breasts that appear saggy with the nipple no longer facing forward. In addition to the effects of gravity, this condition can often occur following a pregnancy in which the breast skin loses its elasticity. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure in which the breasts are lifted, tightening the skin of the breasts and giving a perky, youthful appearance. If desired, implants may be used to concurrently enhance the breast size. In some women who suffer from congenital breast asymmetry, a breast lift may be used to improve symmetry.

Understanding your mastopexy

During your initial consultation, it is the goal of Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants to provide the highest level of understanding between patient and doctor, as this will result in the most successful outcome after your breast lift.

You will be given an opportunity to also discuss your breast size. If you like the volume of your breasts while they are in a bra, a breast lift will be the only procedure necessary. If, however, you would prefer to increase the volume by any amount, you and the doctor can start weighing the options for your Los Angeles breast augmentation in addition to the breast lift. Whatever the case may be, we always keep in mind that these procedures are for you. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your body and will facilitate this in any way we can.

Concerns about breast lift scars

At this point, you will then discuss the different types of breast lifts, each one designed for a slightly different purpose. During this time you may ask any questions you like.

All patients are naturally concerned about the visibility of scars after breast lift surgery. There are three incision patterns that are used in the procedure each depending on factors such as breast size, degree of sagging, the quality of the skin and whether the size of the areola needs to be decreased.

Dr. Grigoryants will discuss each pattern and recommend the type of incision he feels will be appropriate for your anatomy. He understands that the smaller incisions are most desired and that is his goal as well. He uses the smallest incision pattern possible to get the result his patients are hoping for. Whatever the pattern, the incisions are made as discreetly as possible ranging from smaller to larger.

The three incision patterns are:

  • Around the areola in two parallel lines – the incision is hidden in the border of the areola.
  • Around the areola and vertically down to the crease under the breast – only the vertical line will be noticeable.
  • Around the areola, vertically down to the breast crease extending horizontally – again only the vertical line will be visible with the horizontal line hidden in the breast crease.

Plastic surgeons spend hundreds of hours during their many years of training just learning how to artfully make and close incisions so they heal to as close to invisible as possible. In Los Angeles, Dr. Grigoryants is known for his artistic breast lift results which he credits to his meticulous work closing incisions so they heal to a thin virtually invisible line over time.

Our goal is to produce a fully informed patient who is going into surgery with total knowledge of the techniques used as well as the probable outcome. As is the case with any plastic surgery procedure, we would never expect a patient to undergo a procedure without complete understanding of exactly how their body will be altered.






Prior to scheduling your surgery, you will have given Dr. Grigoryants information concerning your health. As with all surgery, you will be asked to get certain medical tests to ensure you are healthy enough for elective surgery.

Your breast lift will be performed under general anesthesia, ensuring your total comfort. A breast lift is an outpatient procedure and you will be allowed to go home following your surgery.

Breast lift surgery will take between 2 to 5 hours. This range is dependent on whether an implant will be placed during breast lift surgery, the size of the breasts, whether the areola needs to be trimmed and how much excess skin will be removed.

During the procedure breast tissue is lifted and contoured, underlying muscles are tightened, and an implant is placed, if part of the surgical plan. Once excess skin is removed the incisions are closed which is a time consuming task but vital to the final outcome.

After surgery, you will rest in the recovery suite until you are well out of the initial effects of the anesthetic and then you will be released into the care of your assistant. You will obviously need to be driven home and your assistant will need to stay with you for at least 24 hours to ensure your safety. If you are flying into Los Angeles for your procedure you will recover in a nearby hotel with specific suites for out of town surgical tourists.

Medications and instructions will be provided before your surgery so you can clarify anything about after care, medications to avoid, when you can resume normal activities and how to care for your incisions. You will come in within a few days for a post operative exam and of course are encouraged to call should anything be of concern before your appointment.

Subsequent to the procedure, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants will be available for any questions or concerns that may arise. Our goal is to ensure your total comfort, both mentally and physically, and we will be here to facilitate that in any way necessary.

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