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Breast Reduction

It’s notable that women undergoing breast reduction surgery may represent the happiest group of patients. In women with large breasts, the pain caused by duress upon the neck, back and shoulders is partially or fully relieved by breast reduction. In addition, the lifestyle and functional impairment related to large, heavy breasts are a great burden. A breast reduction surgery eliminates all that, giving you a breast size that is manageable and attractive.

Following breast reduction, many of our patients experience a complete improvement in neck, back and shoulder pain. Additionally, they find their lifestyle much improved, having restored their ability to exercise and find clothes that fit better than before.


There are many techniques developed to perform breast reduction surgery. Each technique has a specific purpose and method, chosen by various circumstances surrounding the breasts that are to be reduced. We primarily use three techniques that are tried and true, producing the most consistent results with the fewest complications.

With all techniques, the result is the same, reduce breast size, elevate the nipple and reduce areola size. Our primary goal in breast reduction is to create smaller breasts with an aesthetic shape and size and that are proportionate to your overall body size.

Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Depending upon the circumstances we may consider sedation and local anesthesia.





Incision types

Breast reduction techniques include several different incision patterns, each one suited to a different size and shape of breasts. Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants will go over these thoroughly and will choose the one that will get the best result.

  • The first is the Inverted T incision, so-called because it makes one vertical incision below the areola and one horizontal incision below that, at the base of the breast.
  • The vertical incision, also known as a lollipop incision, in which an incision is made around the areola, and a vertical incision is made below that.
  • The free nipple breast reduction technique is used for patients with very large breasts. The nipple and areola are completely removed. The breast size is then reduced, and the nipple and areola are sutured to the breast in a higher position.

Initial consultation

On your first visit to our office in Los Angeles, we will meet with you in a relaxed setting to discuss your breast reduction procedure. We will perform a thorough examination of your breasts, including measurement. New position of your nipple and areola will be drawn for you on photographs, giving you the whole picture. We will discuss in detail the outcome, any possible complications, and what you should do to prepare for surgery.


Following your breast reduction surgery, the office of Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants will help you through the recovery procedure. During this period we are at your disposal, and you may call us at any time if you have any questions. Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants will also follow up with you proactively to ensure everything is going as planned.

The sutures used in your breast reduction are dissolvable and do not require removal. Any swelling and bruising will resolve within several weeks following your surgery. Over the next several months, your breasts will settle into a natural shape.

Insurance options

If your oversized breasts are responsible for symptoms including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or pain medications, most insurance companies will cover your breast reduction surgery. In this case, they will require photographs as well as other anatomical specifics, such as the patient’s height and weight. Variations in coverage do exist, and the insurance experts at Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants’ office are available to help you get the highest benefit possible out of your coverage.

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