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Lip Augmentation and Reshaping

Lip Augmentation & Reshaping

Aging or thin lips can cause a worn-out appearance. Surgical and non-surgical techniques exist to effectively handle this problem, giving you full, luscious lips that give life to your mouth. Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is well-versed in many different types of lip augmentation and reshaping techniques, giving him the versatility to handle any circumstance that needs correction.

Silicone implants

As a permanent solution to inadequate lips, soft silicone implants are available and provide a soft, natural feel. Considered a mild surgical procedure, these implants are inserted through a small incision made in the corner of the mouth. Different implant sizes are available depending upon your existing lip size as well as your face structure. During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants will decide which size is best for you.

With years of silicone lip implants under our belts, we have experienced a high patient satisfaction rate, making silicone lip implants our first choice for lip augmentation.

Fat transfer

This is a technique used to enhance the size and appearance of lips by the use of fat harvested from other parts of the body. Fat is taken from the abdomen or thighs and then processed so it will be acceptable by the lips, both biochemically and cosmetically. From there, it is injected into the lips to increase their volume.


AlloDerm is a sheet derived from the collagen layer of human tissue that has been donated. The collagen layer is what gives skin its strength and flexibility. This tissue is acellular, meaning the individual cells have been removed so that the graft is free from any pathogens.

For the purposes of lip augmentation, AlloDerm is inserted into the lip through small incisions in the corner of the mouth. While this material may feel stiff after initial transplantation, it will soften over the next several months, giving your lip a natural appearance and feel.

Injectable fillers

Many injectable fillers exist with the purpose of filling out skin that is sunken due to wrinkles or aging. These fillers may be used to enhance the size and plumpness of your lips. Fillers such as Restylane®, Perlane and Juvederm are used for this reason. These fillers have a base of hyaluronic acid, making them biochemically compatible with your body. Many patients choose these fillers for their natural appearance, immediate results and minimal downtime.

Lip reshaping

In addition to lip augmentation, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants specializes in lip reshaping techniques that can improve the lines of your mouth. In some cases, the distance from the upper lip to the base of the nose has been elongated. In other cases, the corners of the mouth have turned down due to age and gravity. These and other factors give an appearance that is worn or projects a foul mood, despite your happiness.

Using highly developed techniques, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants can use a combination of procedures to reshape your mouth into a becoming appearance. He may use minimally invasive surgical techniques to give lift to your upper lip, or he may use injectable fillers precisely to slightly alter the curvature of your mouth. Whatever your lip reshaping needs, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants has the tools and the competence to deliver.

Framing your smile

In addition to lip enhancement, we will generally recommend a modest use of injectable fillers around the mouth in order to improve the overall appearance of your mouth. In order to do this, we use Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Radiesse. This procedure is very short, often taking only 5-10 minutes, delivering immediate results that last 4-6 months. Specifically, it may be used to treat sagging jowls or so-called smoker’s lines above and below the mouth.

Whatever your lip-related shortcoming, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is prepared to deliver any augmentation, reshaping or other procedure necessary to restore a youthful, attractive mouth. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation.

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