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Skin Care

In addition to surgical options to enhance one’s skin, there are also 100% non-invasive skin care options. These serve to rejuvenate the face through topical ointments, skin peels and other medication. If you are not ready to undergo surgery or if it is simply not necessary, these may be the best options for you.

Our licensed cosmetologist, Marina, performs all skin care, facial treatments and facial massage. Her one-hour sessions include skin steaming, pore cleaning, microdermabrasion, facial massage and facial masks to improve skin complexion. Individualized acne treatments are also available.

Fine wrinkles and skin spots develop with age, these spots often developing after acne breakouts. These issues are mostly superficial and can be handled with routine skin care and maintenance. We offer several types of creams and chemical peels to achieve your skin goals. Each treatment is painless with a good safety record. Being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants will evaluate your skin condition and recommend appropriate treatment depending upon your skin type and quality.

  • Dr. Grigoryant’s Enhanced Cream. This effective cream provides bleaching, peeling, acne deterrents and anti-aging effects. This cream is applied once a day, and mild peeling will begin several days after the first application. The peeling serves to gradually remove old skin, stimulating collagen regrowth, which minimizes the development of fine wrinkles. Dark spots will lighten or disappear. Additionally, patients with acne will notice marked improvement.
  • Vi-Peel. A wonderful chemical peel product, Vi-Peel serves to remove surface layers of skin, giving an opportunity for a fresh start. While this peel may be applied in your own home, it is recommended that you receive it in our office for best results. The procedure lasts 5-10 minutes and peeling starts after the 4th day, refreshing skin quality.
  • Latisse. This is a new and very popular product that increases eyelash growth. Drops of this product are applied directly to eyelashes once a day. With consistent treatment, results are significant within 1-4 months.

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